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UniverCity - Released into early access

The game is now available to buy in early access!

UniverCity is a university management game being programmed in the Rust programming language.

As stated above, the game is in early access and is not complete. There will be changes and additions down the line and finishing it may take some time. You may wish to wait until its further along before buying it.


To help track planned/wanted additions I’ve opened up a Trello. It can be found here with a preview below. Most of the things discussed below should already be on the board.


I’ve already had to fix some pretty bad bugs already just before launch and I assume there will be more still. I plan to squash them as they pop up.

I’ve been watching the early videos that have been popping up and taking notes of what needs fixing. There are a few things I’ve seen that I aim to fix first before working on new features.

If you have played the game on youtube/twitch/etc please post it on the steam forums and/or tag me on twitter so I can watch through it. So far its been the best way for me to get feedback!


If you use discord I have a general server which I’m planning to use for UniverCity related things as well here.


I’ve opened a subreddit for the game as per someones suggestion. It’s mostly empty currently but hopefully that’ll change once I get some time to put some work into it. Here

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