UniverCity - Change log

The previous post including an introduction to this game can be found [here]({% post_url 2017-05-24-may-change-log %}). This post is not as long as the last one as it only covers one month and quite a lot of time has been spent on stylish. Stylish One of the big things I’ve been working on this month is Stylish. Stylish is a simple ui system that revolves around styles (hence the name) and is mainly targeted at games.

UniverCity - Change log

I thought I should start a little series of monthly blog posts to show progress on the game. This will be a nice way for me to track my own progress on the project as well. This first one will include a bit of april, too, due to it being the series opener. Updated (2023-07-09): Vidme links replaced Introduction Since this is the first post I thought I’d talk about what I’m doing.

Designing a UI System

UI is a pretty core component of every game. There’s a few different libraries out there already which can handle this for me like: Flatui, Imgui and Conrod which are all immediate mode instead of retained (my searches for a retained mode gui library returned nothing useful). I prefer working working with a retained mode styled GUI which has the benefit of working better with the scripting interface I want to add later.

A Game In Rust

As a break in between programming sessions working on my game I thought that writing posts on the features that i’ve been working on and any issues (being Rust related or not) that i’ve encountered whilst implementing them would be a fun idea. As i’ve already started working on this project before starting this blog the first few posts will most likely be on things i’ve implemented a while ago and may happen slightly out of the order they were implemented in.