I finally put up the store page ready for an early access release which will be available in about 2 weeks. The game is still rough and missing a lot of important parts but I’m hoping to start getting feedback now.

UniverCity is a university management game being programmed in the Rust programming language.

Store page

If you are interested please wishlist the game. Please note the game will be released in early access, it’s not done and still needs a lot of work. You may wish to wait and see how it turns out first if you are not sure on early access games.


Students can idle in buildings

This had been intended since buildings where added with a comment left in the script about adding it. This was blocked on detecting which tiles a building owns and letting the building update when a new room is built which is a special thing that only happens in buildings so it was left out. This finally exists so now students can stand in open spaces.

New “room”: Running track

Students running around a player made track

A new room/lesson was added called ‘Running track’. As the name implies this has students running around a track as made by the player. You can have multiple tracks and one will be randomly selected for each student.

New objects

A small computer desk with computer A whiteboard mounted to a wall

To make the lecture rooms look slightly different from each other I’ve added two new objects. A corner computer for the computer science lecture and a whiteboard for the maths lecture. These were the last two lectures missing objects.

I currently haven’t hooked up any interactions for these objects yet so they are just for decoration.

New room: Cafe

A cafe with tables and students sitting at some of those tables

A fancier version of the snack stop that was already in the game. Students sit at tables and have food brought to them instead of fetching it themselves.

Completed and cleaned up stats screen

The stats screen has been sitting unfinished for a while now and was something I wanted to finish before releasing to early access. There are four different graphs to choose from:


Current amount of money owned by the player over time


Income and outcome for each interval


The number of students over time


Grades given out over time


Diagonal movement

Whilst the game is built around a grid, only having 4 directions of movement made moving in some directions look weird. I’ve allowed diagonal movement which has fixed this and made most things look a bit more natural too.

Minor things

  • The “English basics” room has been removed. It seemed like a weird one to have at a university.
  • Fixed some crashes with loading/saving entities in a room being edited


I haven’t been streaming my work on twitch here lately but sometimes I will pop up and stream for a bit. Feel free to stop by and watch if I’m streaming.


I’ve opened a subreddit for the game as per someones suggestion. It’s mostly empty currently but hopefully that’ll change once I get some time to put some work into it. Here